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Lucky Saint alcohol free unfiltered lager is born of Bavarian barley, single-use yeast and hallertau hops for a unique taste.

Progressively crafted with over 400 years of proud brewing heritage, Lucky Saint brings an unfiltered beer that’s alcohol-free yet full of flavour.

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Lucky Saint is made with the highest quality malted barley, the freshest hops and there own single-use yeast. No additives, no adjuncts, no flavourings. Another ingredient that is key to a good beer is water!! So choosing the right water was critical in the production of this beer. It was the fresh, crisp spring water from Bavaria that consistently delivered the cleanest flavour and so is used in its production.

Lucky Saint doesn’t taste like an alcohol free beer to us because it’s not brewed like one. Founder Luke Boase left no stone unturned looking for a unique way to brew better. From there step mash technique and wort run-off to fermentation and dry hopping, they honed the process for his beer in pursuit of one thing – flavour.
ABV 0.5%
Can 330ml
All our drinks have been included in the Nought Percent range for their great taste and flavour. Feel free to look around the site and browse the different choices. Some are from well known brands such as Heineken, others from smaller breweries such as Drop Bear. All are unique in their own way. The Lyre’s range of alcohol free spirits offers our customers the great smell and taste of their favourite ‘spirit’ or cocktail or alternatively why not try the great tasting Pentire Adrift from Cornwall.

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